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Feel free to pop in, browse our collection and learn about the crafts on display from the artists themselves.

Our Collections

Our emphasis is on showcasing local artists. Why not take in some of Jason Doming’s weaving or Joyce Mallare’s embroidery?

ILAW Food & Drinks

Aside from the collections in our craft shop, we are situated in the iconic ILAW with its coffee shops, bistros and unique architecture.

About Us

The Kullaaw collection tells the artists and artisans of Baguio that we are here to support them and promote their handicrafts and encourage them to be more creative. We communicate this message not only in the promotion platform that we use; but also, in the quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness found in every aspect; as well as the representation of the artist’s crafts. These are the same values that breathe life into our heart and soul.

Understanding criteria, such as product uniqueness, cultural and historical integrity, aesthetics, quality of workmanship and the artist’s connection to the product, is essential to establishing the authenticity of arts & crafts. Being able to watch the artisan create their products, having knowledge of the craft’s utilitarian function, local production and scarcity value, as well a label or certificate guaranteeing authenticity are also highly desirable.

Craft production, and gender & economic development:
with a focus on the traditional role of women as producers of handicrafts, and how manufacturing handicrafts has empowered and can empower women socially, psychologically, and economically.

The messages and meanings of art:
are often quite different for each owner. For instance, tourists visiting the same destination will leave with different handicrafts, which reflect their unique experience -largely based on their own individuality in relation to the destination, as well as the depth of their knowledge about the location.

The use of creative eco-friendly packaging in our operations is no longer an option – it’s a necessity.

Reusable bags
We plan to use cotton tote bags as we want to keep our environmental impact as low as possible. Therefore, we will use organic, recycled cotton or calico (an unbleached cotton material that undergoes less processing).

Hapi Kullaaw

We at Kullaaw are pleased to announce we are now working in partnership with HAPI Heritage/Arts Academy of the Philippines Incorporated (founded by Dr Katrin de Guia). This means we will have exciting community based projects, such as craft workshops including, weaving, crocheting, beading, etc.