Kullaaw Collections is currently accepting consignments of crafts


Ili likha Artist’s Watering Hole

What we look for:

Unique crafts made by local artists and artisans. We want novel, exciting and/or innovative craftwork.

We want pieces that will attract our target market of people who are looking for something out of the ordinary.

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Must be handmade

(We prefer completely handcrafted pieces. We do not accept those partially or fully-made from a kit nor assembled together from wholly manufactured parts);

 Has originality (a must);

Has excellent quality of workmanship (attention to detail, finishing, the more exquisite, the better);

 In excellent condition (no cracks, scratches, or any sign of damage); and


   Durable (can withstand display and handling).

Limitations (what we do not accept):


Blade and jewelry crafts (we already have our consignees for these);


Consumable or edible products;


Crafts considered as common or often seen sold in different shops;


Craftwork that include material that may have copyright;


Large paintings or large photographs (we have limited wall space)

Please contact Joyce Mallare at +639262164373 or visit us at Kullaaw Collections, Ililikha Artists’ Watering Hole for your consignment details and proposals.